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INTERVIEW  Preparation


going to P1


1 hour/lesson

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2 - 6 students





Let your child be well-prepared for the school interviews. Our course targets different aspects including: English communication, social skills, interview protocol and how to conduct themselves with confidence.

Do you like our school?  Why?

What is your name?

Where did you go last Sunday?

How many siblings do you have?

Even if your child can answer all these questions, will your child be accepted by schools?

Will your child answer in full sentences? How about his/her posture, eye contact, proper etiquette and facial expressions?

Besides answering questions, schools may also want to know how they demonstrate their various skills, such as reading, story-telling, problem-solving and behaviour while playing games with other candidates.  

Our course focuses not just on drilling and repetition, we want our students to show their confidence in interviews and present themselves naturally and happily.

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